Basketball & Cheerleading
Camp July 5-8 & Kidz Connect Camp July 11-15 (9AM to 12 PM)

Basketball and Cheerleading Camp & Kidz Connect Camp



We are very excited about our summer camps. Over the last 3 years you guys have requested that we continue our camp for two weeks instead of just one week.

This year we will do our 7th annual Basketball-Cheerleading camp the first week (July 5-8) and our 1st annual Connect Kidz Camp the second week (July 11-15).

You are familiar with the Basketball-Cheerleading Camp – our new Connect Camp will have sports – music – art and a lot of fun. So when you register for the Basketball-Cheerleading Camp, I want to encourage you to go ahead and sign up for both camps. The Connect Kidz Camp is Limited to the first 100 children who enroll and pay the camp fee of $20/child. Both camps will be conducted from 9AM to 12 PM.

We are requesting a $20 per child camp donation. If you cannot afford this donation it’s OK please email the church at to request a camp scholarship, we don’t want any child to miss out on these camps. God bless you and your family and we hope to see you this summer in our camps.

Please click this link to complete the registration form: 2016 Registration Form

Both camps are limited to children ages 5 to 12.